visitation followup form sample

Visitation Follow-up For
Visitation Follow-up Form (SAMPLE)


Visitation of
“Our Lady of Grace” Praesidium

St. Elizabeth Parish, Philadelphia

Spiritual Director: Fr. X. Smith

President: Sr. Y. Jones

Senatus (Comitium/Curia) Visitors: Sr. A and Br. B

Date of Visit: xx/xx/06

Membership:    7 active and 3 probationary members

4 were present at this meeting

Fr. Smith present

Door-to-door visitation, visits to hospitals, nursing homes,
shut-ins, new families. Baptismal certificates delivered.




Fr. Smith gives encouragement and complete support to the praesidium.

Handbook discussion is excellent.  All members participate.

The Treasurer’s Report showed that members are very generous in secret
bag donations and that the presidium is very generous in donating to Senatus.

Members who are absent or ill are followed up by the officers.

Excellent work is being done on visits.  All reports showed that the
visits are spiritualized.  Members showed interest in each other’s work

Praesidium is planning a function for auxiliaries in the spring.

Comments made at the last visitation have been addressed: recruiting has
been done (3 new members are now on probation) and an evening praesidium has
been started.



Some members do not use a notebook.  This would help to make the reports
more organized.  It was suggested that the praesidium read and discuss page 122
#6 in the handbook.

Members do not seem to be aware of the Legion custom of holding all
comments until a report is completed.  The very friendly atmosphere of this
praesidium allows for comments at other times in the meeting which are not
connected to the business of the meeting.  This can detract from the order which
should be the main characteristic of a Legion meeting.  Extraneous comments
should be kept for Other Business or for after the Concluding Prayers.


Copies to:  Senatus Officers

Our Lady of Grace Praesidium

Fr. X. Smith