Treasurer Account Auditing

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“The Treasurer’s books shall be audited annually.  It is suggested that two members of the praesidium or the council (as the case may be), other than the Treasurer, be appointed to that duty.”  (Legion Handbook © 1993, 35.8)

The attention of council officers is drawn to this requirement of the Handbook.  Councils have the duty of seeing that this requirement is met.  Curiae should ensure that the annual audit is carried out by each of its praesidia.  Higher councils should ensure that it is carried out by each of its affiliated praesidia and councils.

It is suggested that reference to the audit should be made in the annual reports of praesidia to their councils and also during visitation of praesidia by councils.  It seems desirable that the audit should be carried out at the same time each year.  In the case of a praesidium it might be considered suitable to have it done when the annual report is being prepared.

It is also suggested that reference to the audit be made in the minutes of praesidia and councils and in reports of councils to higher councils.  Correspondents are requested to draw the attention of councils to this requirement and to monitor minutes and reports with this in mind.

It is important that the audit should cover all income and expenditures and any monies on deposit; and that the auditors verify, through current bank statements and/or actual cash in hand, the balance shown.  The audit should also cover all financial transactions related to the works of praesidia; for example: sales of newspapers, books and magazines, clubs, Patricians, etc., and also financial transactions related to property, sales of Maria Legionis, Handbooks, other Legion literature, etc.

It is desirable that the auditors’ report be presented at a meeting of the praesidium or council.  It would be of assistance to all councils in carrying out their responsibilities towards the praesidia and councils affiliated to them if copies of the auditors’ reports could be presented or forwarded to them.

“It would be impossible to associate the idea of wastefulness with Our Lady’s housekeeping.  Therefore, it goes without saying that every Legionary body must handle its property and its funds watchfully and economically.”

(Handbook, 35.9)