Questionnaire for the Praesidium VP

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Questionnaire for Praesidium Vice President

  1. Do you feel confident that you can preside and handle
    the meeting if the president is absent?
  1. Do you work closely with the president of the
  1. Do you keep the roll book and mark the attendance at
    each meeting?
  1. Are you aware of the fact that you are in charge of
    all membership?
  1. Are you aware that you are responsible to keep the
    records of all active, praetorian, auxiliary, adjutorian and probationary
  1. Do you inform and request of the president to assign
    members to check the probationary member(s) at the end of their probation
  1. If probationary members are found faithful, do you
    change their record to permanent membership?
  1. Do you encourage praetorian membership for your active
    members where it is applicable?
  1. Do you explain and encourage adjutorian membership to
    your auxiliary members?
  1. Do you visit your sick members or see that some of
    your other members do?
  1. Do you remind the president, if necessary, that the
    yearly Mass for deceased members is scheduled?
  1. Do you attend the monthly council meeting regularly?
  1. Do you personally try to contact someone each week for
    membership in the Legion?
  1. Do you discuss, urge and request that your other
    members do recruiting each week?
  1. Do you think that the Legion Spirit is good in your
  1. Do you feel that you understand the Legion System?