Prayers Before/After a Legion Assignment

Before a Legion of Mary Assignment

Prayer: Lord, give me the grace to serve your Son in my assignment in the spirit of Mary’s “profound humility, perfect obedience, angelic sweetness, continual prayer, universal mortification, spotless purity, heroic patience, heavenly wisdom, self-sacrificing courageous love for you, and above all faith,” and help me to do this in such a way as to give You glory and save my soul – and to help others to do the same. Mary, Seat of Wisdom, teach me this day, in the school of your maternal love, that virtue which will help me become more like your Son, Jesus Christ.     Amen.

After the Legion of Mary Assignment

Prayer: Mary, ask the Holy Spirit to open my mind and make known to me the virtue which you, in your motherly love, hoped this day to foster in me and thereby intensify my likeness to Christ, your Son.  Amen.

(Prayers developed by Fr. Frank Giuffre,  Spiritual Director of the Philadelphia Senatus)


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(print it out two-sided on card stock to make six prayer cards)