Magazine Article Submission Requirements

               Magazine Submission Requirements   



The submission of material to be published in Maria Legionis is not to be considered as assured acceptance, and no acknowledgements of submissions or notices of acceptance are sent. Since the quarterly issues are worked on months in advance, some accepted material may not appear for some time.

Submitted material should consist of typed, completed articles, including a photo.  Hand-written articles are not accepted.  Material can be Emailed to the address below.


Photos should be briefly identified.  Lists of multiple names with photos are not printed due to space limitations.  Print the proper information on a small sheet of paper and tape to the reverse side.


              Color photos only.  No photos can be returned.

Identify all material submitted by giving full name, complete address,
phone number, date, name and location of praesidium or council.  It is understood that no payment can be made and that material submitted to Marla Leglonls cannot be returned or acknowledged.


All accepted articles are subject to editing or abridgement. Due to space limitations poetry is not published except in rare cases of specific Legion of Mary content.



Photos without an accompanying article or suitable information will not be accepted.  Photos of general reunions, Acies ceremonies, outdoor functions or anniversaries, unless uniquely interesting, are not considered to have readership value and probably would not be used.

Photos should stir some interest in our readers:  group shots of
members around the altar do not fall into this category.
Articles on
new or unusual works or happenings involved with them, special evangelizing  projects, programs held for Auxiliary members or for the three Legion Causes for sainthood are always desired.

Please do not send long articles or numerous photos of one topic. Due to
the limited number of pages and the small size of the magazine, they cannot be used.  Actual reports of councils or praesidia are considered to be confidential and will not be published.  Human interest articles should have a Legion of Mary connection or Marian or apostolic content.

Material for the North American Edition of Maria Legionis should be sent to:

Editor – Maria Legionis Magazine
5109 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19141
(215) 457- 6343