Guideline for Praesidium reports to Senatus

Click Here to download Praesidium Report Guidelines

Please submit three (3) copies to the Senatus

Report should include the following information:

  • Membership

ØName of praesidium



ØPeriod covered

ØOfficers and vacancies

ØNumbers of

üactive, praetorian, auxiliary, adjutorian members

ürecruiting contacts


ümembers gained, members lost

ümembers subscribing to Maria Legionis magazine


  • Meeting

Ø% attendance at praesidium meeting

ØOfficers’ % attendance at Senatus meeting

ØMethod of handbook study

  • Assigned
    (The report should NOT include non-assigned works.)

ØList works done under each of the following categories:





ØDescribe approach on each type of work

ØHow often is each work done?

ØComment on highlights and significant results

  • Functions
    (The report should NOT include non-Legion functions.)

ØAttendance at Legion functions (Acies, Annual General Reunion, September Function, Outdoor Function)

ØSpecial Legion-sponsored activities held or participated in (i.e. Retreat, PPC, etc.)

  • Treasurer’s Report

ØPrevious balance

ØTotal income

ØSenatus donations

ØTotal expenses

ØBalance on hand

  • Problems:   What is your biggest problem and what will you do about it?
  •  Goals:     List one or two goals and how you plan to accomplish the goal. List steps and dates if you can.