Duties of the Council Vice-president


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Duties of Council Vice President


“Every council officer must be an active member of a praesidium and is
subject to the standing instruction.” (Handbook, page 153 point 8)

Attend their council meeting and attend the council officers executive
meeting monthly.

Keep a record of attendance at the council meetings.  Forms are available
for collecting and recording this information.  Request through your Senatus

Keep a register of the members of the council, that is, approved officers
of directly affiliated praesidia, ratified officers of directly affiliated
councils, and any elected officers of the council.  This register should contain
name, address, phone, office, term, and date of election (for council officers)
or date of appointment (for praesidium officers).  Provide the other council
offers with regular updates to this register.

Keep a list of terms of office which will be expiring at least three
months into the future.  Announce these regularly at the council meeting.
Provide the council president and council correspondent with a current list.

Instruct new officers in their duties.  This can be done one hour before
the council meeting.  Use the Handbook, chapter 34 as a reference.

Present names of newly elected officers of directly attached councils to
the council body for ratification.  Present names of new praesidium officers to
be appointed by the council body.

Follow up on absences from the council meeting.

Preside at the council meeting and the officers meeting in the absence of
the president.  Refer to the Handbook page 216, point 32 in chapter 34.

Attend the meeting of the next highest council.  By virtue of election as
a council officer you become a member of the next highest council.

Participate in the council works of Extension to new parishes,
Organization of new praesidia, Visitation of existing praesidia, and helping to
organize and run council Functions (Acies, Annual Reunion, Retreat).