council report to senatus

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Guidelines for Council Report —– (Please submit four (4) copies to the Senatus: 2 for the secretary, 1 for the president, 1 for the correspondent. Limit report to five minutes in length!)

Council Report to Senatus:
This is the report of the ___________________________ Curia/Comitium/Regia, covering the period from _______________ to ______________.

The officers are:
Spiritual Director __________________________
President ________________________________
Vice-president ____________________________
Secretary ________________________________
Treasurer ________________________________
(Assistant Secretary________________________)
(Assistant Treasurer________________________)

(Please introduce any officers and visitors present.)
We currently have a total of _______ attached Praesidia (_____ senior and _____ junior) with ______ active and _______ Auxiliary members. There are _______ officer vacancies in Praesidia.

________ members subscribe to Maria Legionis magazine.
[For Comitia/Regia only]
We also have _______ attached Curiae. List each Curia and location separately with number of ______ senior Praesidia and ________ junior Praesidia and _____active and _____auxiliary members. ] There are _______ officer vacancies  ____ in Curiae (State if any Spiritual Director vacancies in Curiae).

____out of a total of ____Parishes (or state percentage) in our Council area have active Praesidia.
Attendance: Average attendance at Council meetings is _____% and at officers’ meetings is _____%.
Treasurer’s Report: (Only report below information)

Previous Balance:____________________
Income: ____________________________
Expenses: __________________________other than Senatus donations
Donations to Senatus: ________________
Final Balance: ___________________

Council functions held since the last report were ___________________________ (include attendance).
Report on Duties of Council:

Visitation:  ____Praesidia (and ____Curiae) have been visited since last report.

Extension and Organization – (List any Praesidia under organization and extension efforts. How are you going about extension?)


Assigned Works:

(List only assigned works being done on a regular basis during this reporting period.)

(Highlight one favorite, unique or new work that may serve as an example to other Praesidia or Councils.   Describe what, where, how of the work. What difficulties were overcome to start/continue this work?)


Highlights:  (Comment on one or two significant results or highlights.)



(What is one of your biggest problems and what is your plan in resolving it?)


(What was your goal from last report and did you achieve it? What is your specific goal for this report? Include your specific planned steps you will undertake in order reach your goal.)


Submitted by:  ______________________.