How to become a Legion of Mary member…



Interested in trying out active membership in the Legion of Mary? Your first step is to attend a weekly meeting of a parish group (Praesidium).

The basic unit of the Legion is called a praesidium, which is normally based in a parish. A parish may have more than one praesidium. To be an active legionary it is necessary to apply for membership in a praesidium, which holds a weekly meeting and allocates a weekly apostolic task to the members, who generally work in pairs. After a successful period of probation, members are called to make the Legionary Promise (this is only applicable for members over 18 years) which is directed to the Holy Spirit.


Realizing the necessity for a strong support of prayer, the Legion has Auxiliary (praying) members, who associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name. They are the Legion’s praying army. Those who cannot become active members can become associate members by undertaking a service of prayer.


They recite daily the Legion’s prayers comprised in the Tessera (the Legion Prayer pamphlet) and the 5 decades of the Rosary.

To find your nearest Parish group, contact your nearest Council or Praesidium as listed on the following pages.