Annual Acies Planner


By January:

________Set date and time

_________Arrange for church and hall

_________Arrange for priest or deacon for homily and Benediction

By February:

_________Make and distribute flyer   

_________Distribute letter for auxiliary members

________ Arrange for organist

_________Choose songs

By March:

_________Prepare program and make copies

_________Prepare and copy song sheets

_________Include prayers in program or provide tesserae

For Acies

_________Assign M.C.

_________Set up Legion altar in church (and in hall)

_________Bring processional vexillum and select someone to carry it

_________Be sure everything is ready for Benediction

_________Distribute programs

_________Assign servers

_________Assign ushers

_________Take up collection ?

For Social

_________Have praesidia bring refreshments

_________Provide beverages (coffee urn, sugar, cream, tea/coffee, cold

drinks, extension cord)

_________Provide paper products (plates, utensils, napkins, cups, tablecovers)

_________Have host praesidium oversee placement of serving of food

After Acies:

_________Clean up

_________Send donations to pastor, homilist, organist